Documentaries, films, radio and TV

Richard and his instruments have been included on a number of documentaries and films, and on the radio and TV. Below is a selection.


He Ara Puoro :: A Pathway of Song

Recorded in the bush at The Karori Wildlife Sanctuary, Wellington, He Ara Puoro is a collaboration between Richard Nunns and Radio New Zealand, whereby Richard plays and begins to describe the many traditional Maori instruments in his collection.

Special Commendation: Best NZ-Produced Musical Feature, at the 2006 NZ Radio Awards.

Thirty-four eight-minute segments feature Richard playing an instrument and then talking about its individual history and context.


Richard contributed to the sound tracks on the following films and documentaries

A light among shadows, 2007

A light among shadows, 2007

Michael Heath’s film tells the story of Edith Collier, one of New Zealand’s most talented yet underrated artists (1885-1964). Told with sensitivity and respect, it includes much of her extraordinarily beautiful work. It is not only a fitting eulogy to a remarkable artist, but an affecting tale of cultural identity and rejection. Additional music by Richard Nunns.

The Waimate Conspiracy, 2006 Written and directed by Stefen Lewis

Very entertaining, often hilarious no-budget mock documentary about a fictional land rights claim. NZ Herald

The land has eyes, 2003 Writer and director, Vilsoni Hereniko

The land has eyes, 2003
Writer and director, Vilsoni Hereniko

A film made in Fiji, composers: Richard Nunns and Clive Cockburn

Shamed by her village for being poor and the daughter of a convicted thief, Viki is inspired and haunted by the Warrior Woman from her island’s mythology.

Whale Rider, 2002 South Pacific Pictures

Whale Rider, 2002

South Pacific Pictures

Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings

Mauri, 1988
by Mita te Tai

Flight of the Albatross, 1996 Top Shelf/Fritz Wagner co-production

Flight of the Albatross, 1996
Top Shelf/Fritz Wagner co-production

Sarah, a teenage German, travels to New Zealand to visit her ornithologist mother, working on Great Barrier Island. She meets Mako, an angry Maori recently released from prison, and they slowly become friends. Trouble begins when they visit a cursed mountain.

Breath of Peace, 2005

Producer/director: Kathleen Gallagher

Music: Ian McDonald, Richard Nunns and Aroha Yates-Smith

Sprinkled with moments of humour, this film celbrates humanity and creates a touchstone of hope for the future, it honours the intrinisic human desire to live peacfully. Tui Motu Interislands, 2005


Richard has been the subject of a number of documentaries, most recently on Kete Aronui on Maori television.

He also featured in the recent Gillian Whitehead documentary on TVNZ.

He Ara Puoro was also commended as a finalist in the 2006 Media Peace Awards.
He Ara Puoro, RadioNZ